Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Battlefront Miniatures: Flames of War - Team Yankee Iron Maiden British Army Release Schedule

Battlefront Miniatures previewed the following Flames of War - Team Yankee British Army miniatures and the release schedule for these Team Yankee Iron Maiden expansion.

Early October 

Iron Maiden — British Army in World War III (FW907)
(48 pages, hardcover) Charlie's Chieftains – British Armoured Squadron (TBRAB1)
Team Yankee British Paint Set (TYP193) British Green Spray (TYP293)
Late October
FV432 or Swingfire Troop (TBBX02)
(5x plastic APCs) Mechanised Company (TBBX10)
(61 infantry figures) Milan Group (TBR706)
(10x Milan teams)
Team Yankee British Template (TAT04) Team Yankee British Token Set (TTK04)

Early November 

Lynx Helarm Flight (TBBX05)
(2x plastic helicopters) Abbot Field Battery (TBBX06)
(4x 105mm SP howitzers) Tracked Rapier SAM Section (TBBX07)
(4x SAM launchers)
Late November
Chieftan Armoured Troop (TBBX01)
(5x plastic tanks) M109 Field Battery (TBBX08)
(4x 155m SP howitzers) Harrier Close Air Support Flight (TBBX09)
(2x aircraft)

Early December

Spartan or Striker Troop (TBBX04)
(4x plastic AFVs)
Scorpion or Scimitar Troop (TBBX03)
(4x plastic AFVs)

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