Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Victrix: Upcoming Hard-Plastic Greek Cavalry, Punic War Elephant and Numidian Infantry

Victrix: The Greek cavalry will be completed shortly and then the design team move onto the Punic War Elephant (still not sure on the title).

Nearer to release the schedule I will be chasing the tool makers about the Iberian cavalry that should be out anytime very soon. Further to that the Numidian Infantry are now tooling, see below for a sprue layout. The set will contain 24 figures and will have options to build Numidian skirmishers and the "ersatz" legions including command figures.

Here is a montage of the Greek /Macedonian cavalry bodies with some arm and head options. The last stage is the arms for the Greek cavalry, cloaks and shields plus command parts such as trumpet and standard bearer arm. That you have in these renders are Macedonian companion cavalry using the Xyston (A long cavalry spear) They should have cloaks and these are being worked on along with a few more arm options using the Xyston in an overhead thrust pose. 

The head with horns is for a commander type figure. The next parts will be arms for the Greek cavalry option holding javelins and mostly in short sleeves (which can be used on the Companion cavalry for extra variety)There will also be some other helmet options such as Thracian/Phrygian and Antigonid Attic styles plus some shields to make later Hellenistic heavy cavalry.

So from this set you should be able to make Macedonian companion cavalry, Greek heavy cavalry, Thessalian heavy cavalry and later Hellenistic/ Successor heavy cavalry with or without shields. I am sure by the addition of some Carthaginian helmet heads and some round shields these will make very passable Carthaginian and Libyan heavy cavalry. Today I received renders of the Ancient Greek Cavalry horses. Bodies, heads, arms, weapons etc are now underway and will be posted once complete.

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