Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Perry Miniatures: New Napoleonic British Artillery for Egypt Campaign 1801

Perry Miniatures: New-British Artillery for Egypt 1801 - We now have some new British Artillery available on our site. They designed specifically for the Egyptian Campaign of 1801. The odd ‘Mother Shipton’ hat had been replaced by the even more awkward bicorn in 1797, however the former still seems to have been used for fatigue, so Alan has included both in these codes. The stovepipe came in after the campaign for artillery.

The strange wheels (reminiscent of WW1 artillery wheels) were adopted (and adapted) on the campaign, using cut up staves for barrels lashed to the wheels to spread the load in the Egyptian sand.
Norman Swales has made a lovely job of these double bracket guns which were used by the British Foot Artillery throughout most of the Peninsular War….. and yes, Alan will be making crew for them too.

  • BH 113 Foot Artillery firing 6 pdr , ‘Mother Shipton’ hats (Egypt 1801)
  • BH 114 Foot Artillery loading 6 pdr, cocked hats and fatigue caps (Egypt 1801)
  • BH 115 Foot Artillery firing 12 pdr, cocked hats (Egypt 1801)
  • BH 116 Foot Artillery running up 12 pdr, ‘Mother Shipton’ hats and fatigue caps (Egypt 1801)

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