Friday, August 19, 2016

Northstar Miniatures: 100th Newsletter Celebration - Free Miniatures and Raffles

Northstar Miniatures: Welcome to our 100th newsletter. Yes, 100 newsletters ago, a young Kev Dallimore said 'lets do a newsletter, I'll put it together, it'll be ace'. We've kept an archive of all the newsletters on our magazine site, have a look through one day, it's like a little history lesson of the hobby (at least our part in it). Check pictures of the prices in the newsletter here

So what are we doing to celebrate this Centenary? 

Jack Cubbin The Cabin boy - Starting at 3 O'Clock (BST) this afternoon, we will add a free figure to the first 100 orders. The free figure is our 18th Century boy with pistol. The 100th customer will get their entire order for free. We'll notify that customer and refund the full amount to their payment card.

Count Friedrich von Ströheim - Any customer who buys a Victorian Science Fiction box set in the first 100 hours from the start time goes into a prize draw for a painted version of Count Friedrich von Ströheim from the box set The Society of Thule. The box sets that count are from  North Star's In Her Majesty's Name and  Artizan Designs Midnight Workshop.

 Photo of Lady Isobel Poppington (NSA400T) - Any customer who buys the new game Congo, and or one of the new Congo inspired figure deals, will go into another prize draw for a painted figure. This time it's Kev's version of Lady Poppington, female explorer. You need to buy a Congo related product within the 100 hours from the start time to qualify for the prize draw. We'll contact the winners directly, and announce them on Facebook.

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