Friday, August 26, 2016

Gang Fight Games: Where Gunslingers and Savage Creatures Meet - Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter

Gang Fight Games announed the upcoming launch of their Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Kickstarter  to fund their Western/Horror skirmish game featuring infamous gangs, savage beasts, ravenous dead and malevolent creatures.

A massive gold rush brought a flood of greedy fortune-seekers to Blackwater Gulch, sending prospectors out into the wild to stake their claim, strip-mine the land and and defile sacred grounds, all in search of just one more chunk of that yellow rock. Rampant gang violence erupted in the streets, and fiendish things stalk unsuspecting travelers and treasure hunters on the outskirts of town. These are dark times indeed, but all is not lost. Even among outlaws, heroes emerge to combat this dark threat before the town becomes consumed by evil. Will you fight to save Blackwater Gulch, or fight to destroy it?

The Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Gameworld Ruleset includes 1 full color 120+ Page Hardback rulebook, 1 deck of 54 Loot Cards, 6 custom 6-sided dice and a collection of thick cardstock tokens that can be used to keep track of special damage effects, objectives or loot caches. Click here to download the rulebook preview PDF (still a work in progress), and click here for a PDF sample showing all of the Loot Cards.

The digital sculpted Blackwater Gulch miniatures for the three starter sets being the Unsung, a band of monster hunting drifters. The Wicked, a coven of demons and undead creatures and lastly, the Wormwood Wardens, a vicious Skinwalker (were-beast) pack have been previewed. These miniatures will be casted in resin, in one piece with integral base by Prodos Games known from their Alien vs Predator and Warzone miniatures and games.

Prepare to face deadly creatures, enemy gangs and other dangers in a weird wild west universe with the Blackwater Gulch Second Edition. The Kickstarter is launching on the 29th of August! Check the preview Kickstarter page here

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