Monday, August 29, 2016

Battlefront Miniatures: New All Plastic Flames of War - Army Deals Released

Battlefront Miniatures released these new army deals for their hugely popular Flames of War - World War Two miniature game. In Flames of War, you lead your 15mm soldiers and tanks on the tabletop battlefields of the Second World War.

We are pleased to bring you new army box sets for each of the major combatant nations in WWII. Designed to give new players everything they need to start playing Flames Of War, each army deal includes a copy of the pocket-size Flames Of War rulebook as well as a softcover Intelligence Briefing book suitable for each army. And for veteran players, these deals are a great-value expansion your existing army.

Stalin’s Bears is based on a Hero Guards Heavy Tank Regiment from Berlin. It is a truly formidable Soviet tank army, with a total of six IS-2 heavy tanks, three ISU-122 heavy assault guns and four T-34/85 obr 1944 medium tanks.

Monty’s Hounds gives you a British Armoured Squadron from Nachtjäger, based around the versatile Comet tank cruiser tank. The army box contains a total of seven Comet tanks, supported by a Motor Platoon who ride into battle in their four M5 half-tracks.

Patton’s Eagles is the new American army deal, based on a Tank Company from Bridge at Remagen.It includes five versatile M4A3 Sherman tanks, with an impressive number of possible variants, allowing you to customise your army list to your perfect points level. The Shermans are supported by three M26 Pershing heavy tanks and a full-strength Armored Rifle Platoon with five M3 half-tracks.

Rommel’s Wolves features a powerful German Tank Company with seven power Panther G medium tanks, three deadly Jagdpanther tank destroyers and a full-strength Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon in their SdKfz 251 half-tracks. Rommel’s Wolves is based on a Panzer Kampfgruppe from Desperate Measures, which is included in the box.

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