Saturday, August 20, 2016

Armorcast: New Ruined Highway Colums and Jersey Barriers

Armorcast released the following useful scenery bits to decorate your tabletop battlefield. Suitable for your modern, science fiction and post apocalyptic battlefields.

GFJB001 28mm - 1/48th Scale Modern Plastic Jersey Barriers (5 pcs) $6.00

A set of five Plastic Jersey Barriers for crowd or traffic control. The design is modular and can be linked together Model sculpted in 28 mm - 1/48th scale and supplied unpainted and unassembled. Cast in resin. Designed by Ginfritter.

ACHW001 Ruined Highway Colums (2 pcs) $17.50

Dilapidated cities, be it modern day Detroit or post apocalyptic Los Angeles, highways fall into disrepair and sections collapse. This kit contains two ruined columns for the Armorcast Highway sytem. Cast in resin, supplied unpainted in 28mm scale. Designed by Shawn Lux. Figure of Slacker Delivery Boy 3000 shown for scale and sold separately.

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