Monday, August 15, 2016

4Ground: New Fantasy - Historical - Steampunk Pre-Painted Buildings Released

4Ground released these new scenery pieces being their new fantasy, steampunk and historical buildings for their ever-expanding range of high-quality pre-painted lasercut scenery.

The first new buildings are part of their Fabled Realms fantasy range. The Dreozende of Karag-Haim which are in fact fantasy dwarves are getting their first buildings in what I think is the first proper range of dwarf buildings on the market!

In the Karagian-Mountains to the north of Mordanburg lies the lands of the Dreozende, known to the people of the Tueden League as the Dwarven Folk.  The entrance to their main city the fortress hold of Karag-Haim is sunk into the cliff face with doors over 9 metres tall and fortifications over 20 metres.  It is only once you have been hit with the grandeur and scale of the walls that you realise that in front of those walls the small rocks on the ground are houses and that a scattered community has its home along the base of the wall.  These buildings belong to the Offadreoz (the Over Dwarves) and they are buildings that are seen on the route toward Karag-Haim in many a village and town.

These new buildings are now available at a 20% saving from Wayland Games. certainly worth checking out if you're going to buy in bulk! You can find the entire range here

Following the above 28mm scaled Grimmstack buildings we have also some new steampunk buildings created for popular 32mm steampunk skirmish games such as Malifaux and the like.

How did it come to pass that this our own dear metropolis is nowadays most commonly labelled, or is that libelled, with - the Monica James - that is ‘Grimmstack’.  Where do we start to recount the tale of this most dreadful path we now find ourselves upon.  What of the Grimmaldi clan, of Don Andolini and his sons the Grimm Brothers, at what price does our city and state now have their ‘Pax Grimmanus’ and are our lawful city and state bodies now but strung up puppets in their Punchinello Masquerade.  Has their new order really beaten down the mob rule of ‘Droogy Droos’ and the vial ultra violence of  ‘Scuttler Punks’ or have they just leashed their collars and caged them up to be unleashed again on command.  How long before we, your ’Wallstreet Observer’ become silenced without redress, how long before commonsense no long has this voice. 

Last but not least some more historical desert adobe buildings suited for wargames such as Saga and so on. These official Saga buildings are scaled to suit the huge amount of true 28mm miniature ranges available on the market.

We would like to give many thanks to the guys at Studio Tomahawk (the creators of that legendary game which is Saga) and our old chums at Beast Towers of Gripping Beast fame for their collective desire for us to produce the buildings and terrain they would like to see available to players of SAGA and ‘Saga, The Crescent And The Cross’ .  Without their interest it is probable that most if not all the buildings and terrain in this collection would not have been started any time soon.  Gripping Beast have an extensive ranges of civilian and military miniatures, a very few of these fantastic miniatures have been used in the images of this range as an indicator of comparative scale.

What will be your Saga ...  will they talk in future days of how your stalwart Welsh defended their village from those thieving Anglo-Dane raiders and sent the few who still lived back across the great dyke to think again.  Will they talk tomorrow of the dawn raid made by your Viking warband when you slipped into the homestead of your family’s blood sworn foe, killed all their men and burned their buildings to the ground. Do you see your men ready as you are to defend the villages of fellow believers with your lives against the waves of invading Frankish infidels, or are you the leader of a band of holly brothers all at arms and ready to rid the holly land of every last village and town infested with evil non believers.

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