Tuesday, August 2, 2016

15mm.co.uk: A Brillig Gift by Matt 15mm Jabberwock and August Offers!

15mm.co.uk: Our new 25% offers for the month are online, two fantasy offers, one Medieval and one Sci-fi.  Have a look.  Additionally a lovely little article about a gift for his wife made by an Australian customer of ours using our 15mm Jabberwock.  We appreciate your support all over the world and hope to hear from you again soon. GBS

We have four new offers on our Deals and Offers page for August 2016 and all of them are 25% off the list prices on fantasy, science fiction and historical codes.  Go here to see them and they end on the 1st September 2016.  In addition to the HOT94 Jabberwock in celebration of this article we have 25% off HOT33 Chimera monster, 25% off the DR7 Imperial Crab classic droid and lastly 25% off MEG1 Bombard and Crew from our Medus 15mm Medieval range.  Check them out!

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