Friday, July 22, 2016

Wonderlands Project: Mauser Earth, Skirmish Game - War for Paris Kickstarter

Wonderlands Project: Mauser Earth is a Dieselpunk skirmish game played with 1:35 miniatures which takes place in Paris in 1938.

Mauser Earth takes place in a Diesel-punk uchronic universe. The location, France in the year 1938 where WWI is still ongoing, but where the rules of war have changed! There are no longer men who walks the battlefields, but robots and hybrids. But the most brutal battle of this war take place in the bloody streets of Paris. The Railroad World Company has taken control of every corner of the country, and Paris has become the very nerve center of the company. Strong leaders are fighting for Paris as it is a highly important strategic point in the war. The conflict escalates to a point of no return. A horrific toxic gas that now unfortunately covers the whole of France. To be able to survive, cities have developed sophisticated "domes" to make cover from the gas, and Paris is no exception! As a result of these “domes”, the city of Paris has been separated into different independent districts.

Mauser Earth is a 1:35 (50mm) miniatures game in a dieselpunk universe. All the miniatures will have their own character cards. They have been sculpted by some of the best sculptor! (JAG, Allan Carasco, Patrick Masson, Stephane N'Guyen, Stephane Camosseto, Arnaud Bellier...). This campaign will allow us to produce all the content of the starters pack (box, mini rulebook, characters cards and resin cast). It will also allow us to produce a few new miniatures to expand on the existing packs, starting with Pacific Empire! Each starter contain 3 or 4 miniatures and their plastic bases, their characters cards and a mini rulebook.

Check the full Kickstarter here for more information about the pledges and miniatures who are been previewed for another warring faction.

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