Friday, July 22, 2016

Dream Pod 9: Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts Brings Landship Battles to the Tabletop!

Dream Pod 9: Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts Brings Landship Battles to the Tabletop! Dream Pod 9 and Fusion Core Studios LLC are pleased to announce a licensed collaboration to develop a new fleet scale miniatures wargame: Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts.

eavy Gear: Dreadnoughts depicts large-scale science-fiction battles featuring landships, massive hovering fortresses bristling with weapons and troops. To achieve victory, players must wisely manage their landships not only to deliver punishing bombardments, but also to launch air missions, command ground forces, and provide repair and recovery resources to damaged units. Heavy gears, tanks, infantry, and aircraft are all vital to completing important objectives, holding territory, and bringing down enemy landships.

The game is supported by a line of miniatures, including 1/2500-scale landship models. The highly-detailed landships are all-new designs, using modular components to allow construction of multiple variants from the Northern and Southern Terranovan nations. The rules are designed for fast play and strategic thought, with most games taking about an hour to complete. Future supplements will introduce additional factions, campaign integration with Heavy Gear Blitz, and legacy inclusion for previous Heavy Gear Fleet Scale miniatures.

"Landships have always been a background element in the Heavy Gear universe since our first RPG book in 1995, and the whole time, fans and new players alike have been clamoring for more of these crazy, yet compelling, sci-fi behemoths. Rather than just reuse our 20-year-old designs, we decided it was time to fully update both the ship designs and their rules, and we're excited to be working with Fusion Core Studios as our licensed developer. Wunji Lau has a long history as a designer and writer at Dream Pod 9, and his passion and creativity are perfect for bringing a new dimension to the Heavy Gear franchise and storyline."

Robert Dubois, President, Dream Pod 9 - "I've been fascinated by Heavy Gear's landships from day one of the RPG, and our team is massively excited to be building this project. We hope to satisfy both the expectations of longtime fans as well as attract new players with fast-moving, dynamic gameplay and a sleek, yet grounded, visual style. I think I can safely say that this will be one of the best giant-antigravity-land-battleship games around." Wunji Lau, Fusion Core Studios

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Brandon Fero said...

About to go live in a few days. Be on the lookout.

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