Friday, July 22, 2016

Warhansa: New Steampunk Dwarfs, Medieval Rus, Fantasy Orcs and Dwarfs and More

Warhansa has been busy and has recently released the following new miniatures for their fantasy, steampunk, historical and science fiction resin 28mm miniature lines.

New in their fantasy series are these cool heroic orc characters and dwarf soldier miniatures suitable for multiple fantasy skirmish and mass battle wargames such as Kings of War, Ninth Age, Open Combat to name a few of the rulesets available to game with these new miniatures. Check these and more new fantasy miniatures here online

New to their expanding historical miniature ranges are these new medieval miniatures mostly inspired and based on the heroic eastern warriors but also including Vikings and their savage berserkers. Next to these miniatures there are also new Gladiator miniatures suitable for bloody games of Jugula and the like. Check more of their medieval miniatures here and browse all available gladiators here

Last but certainly not least are their characterful steampunk wild west dwarves and new cyber animal miniature range filled with all sorts of weird yet wonderful creatures. You can check the full ranges of these steampunk and cyber animal ranges, here and here

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