Saturday, July 23, 2016

Slug Industries: Streetscape: 28mm Resin and MDF Buildings Kickstarter Preview

Slug Industries previewed their upcoming Kickstarter to fund their hybrid resin and wooden miniature buildings for your tabletop scenery collection which will be launched this Monday.

A range of kit buildings designed to deliver the high detail of resin but with a cost closer to laser cut MDF. Like most small manufacturers we're also gamers who like the detail of resin buildings but prefer the price of laser cut. So we've come up with an idea which combines the best of both - laser cut shells clad with resin fronts, backs and rooftops.

This offers economic buildings with high detail which are both easy to assemble and paint. Thanks to the nature of the kits the detail of the resin can be painted prior to assembly -so no more tricky bits! Check the full preview Kickstarter and all buildings here

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