Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gallaping Major Wargames: Upcoming French and Indian War British Regular Infantry Kickstarter

Galloping Major Wargames: We hope our first Kickstarter project will be well received. If successful, we plan to continue releasing more troops for British and French armies alongside more North American participants for both sides – but at an increased pace. This all rests on your support.

When I set about creating our French & Indian War range, what I most wanted to build was the most comprehensive, well researched and engaging range of 28mm figures available for the period. We’re well on the way to that objective with our Mohawk and Huron Native Americans, Canadian Militia, Anglo-American Rangers, Armed Settlers, Militia and Provincials, along with our 18th Century Sailors; time now to take a big step forward as our first “regular” troops. 

With your help through Kickstarter, we are hoping to take a big step forward, enabling the release of our British redcoat “hatmen” and command figures. Your support could enable us to make this release our biggest and most exciting to date and if successful, help to create a stronger platform for further releases. 

As a small company relying on sales of existing packs to finance the release of new ones, we have so far been prevented from making new releases available to customers as quickly as we would like to. The high quality of our castings is frequently remarked upon by reviewers and customers alike, and that’s equally important to us, we don’t believe in increasing margins at the cost of “cutting corners”. Producing figures at this standard requires ongoing investment from us – but the results speak for themselves. 

Where we have been able to make savings from the outset is that with all our figures being sculpted by me, unlike most miniatures companies we don’t have to raise fees for commercial sculptors, nor do we have to wait for their availability to work on our projects; this also guarantees consistency of style, quality, extensive research and attention to detail. The sculpting work has already been completed on most of the figures for this project and we’ve already invested in master castings for a good many of them. If enough of you will pledge your support we’ll be able to move forward promptly to completion for you. Kickstarter aimed to launch late July.

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