Monday, July 18, 2016

Dadi & Piombo: Miniature Wargaming Rules - Baroque - Europe at War 1550-1700

Dadi & Piombo: Baroque is a set of wargames rules, based on the Impetus system. The rules allow you to play with miniatures the wars that ravaged Europe from the mid XVI Cent to the end of the XVII Cent. 

Baroque is easy to learn and combines fast, enjoyable play with historical accuracy thanks to some innovative game-mechanics. Baroque can be played in all scales: 28mm, 20mm, 15mm, 10mm and 6mm, and you won’t even need to re-base your armies. This rulebook includes the rules (with many examples and diagrams) to play field battles. It includes 7 army lists to start play right away (check for more free beta lists in website)

  • German Catholics (1618-32)
  • Swedish (1630-34)
  • ECW Royalist (1642-43)
  • ECW Parlamentarian (1642-44)
  • Ottoman Turks (1645-1700)
  • Later Imperialist (1648-1700)
  • Later Polish (1632-1700)

Many more lists will be published in special supplements - 56 color pages, English language - Now available here through The Wargame Vault, world's largest portal for electronic wargame publications.

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