Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bac Ninh Miniatures: New Shinsengumi Warriors Pre-Order

Bac Ninh Miniatures: Shinsengumi figures are nearly there! Bac Ninh Miniatures extends its catalog with two new references, once again brilliantly sculpted by Paul Hicks.

They are simply awesome! Maybe the best 28mm samurai figures so far. These new codes will be: BW-10 Shinsengumi personalities (4) and they are; Okita Soji, Kondo Isami, Saito Hajime and Hijikata Toshizo. BW-11 Shinsengumi members (4)  The new Shinsengumi packs can be Pre-Ordered and if you purchase four or more packs (includes other codes) you will receive a free special Shinsengumi standard bearer figure. This Pre-Order with the special figure is only available until 31st July 2016. For more details please contact with me via: bacninh_miniatures AT yahoo.com And more pics on my blog http://bacninhminiatures.blogspot.com

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