Monday, July 25, 2016

Alternative Armies: Gather Your Miniature Highland Clan - Remastered Jacobite Figure Range

Refight the Battle of Culloden on the tabletop with Alternative Armies' remastered 28mm Jacobite historical miniature line!

Alternative Armies in its last release for July 2016 presents from the past the now re-molded and re-released 28mm Jacobite historical 28mm range. White metal miniatures for any historical 18th century system. Singles, Packs, Units and a saving range box too. Clansmen, Dancers, Women and of course Charlie himself. Click through to see and read more. Thanks. GBS

“The Jacobite rising of 1745 was an attempt by Charles Edward Stuart to regain the throne of Britain for the exiled House of Stuart. It occurred during the War of the Austrian Succession when most of the British Army was in Europe. Charles Stuart, known as "Bonnie Prince Charlie" or "the Young Pretender", sailed to Scotland and raised the Jacobite standard at Glenfinnan in the Highlands of Scotland. He was supported by a gathering of Highland clans who promised their men to the cause. The march south began with an initial victory at Prestonpans. The Jacobite army, now in bold spirits, marched onwards to Carlisle, over the border in England. When it reached Derby, soldiers were recalled from the Continent and the Jacobite army retreated north to Inverness where the last battle on Scottish soil took place on a nearby moor at Culloden. The Battle of Culloden ended with the final defeat of the Jacobites and with Charles Edward Stuart fleeing with a price on his head before sailing to France.”

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