Thursday, July 28, 2016

Acheson Creations: Heavy Metal Kickstarter - Where Dinosaurs, Armor and Mammals Meet Launched

Acheson Creations: An assortment of dinosaurs, weapons, accessories, armor, mammals, characters and creatures perfect for your tabletop miniatures games. Check the Kickstarter here

Heavy Metal by Acheson Creations is a project designed to highlight new and popular pewter castings of tabletop miniatures and accessories in a variety of sizes and genres. This project includes new dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, and modern animals in both 15mm and 28mm from our Primaeval Designs range. 

We even have our popular 28mm-scale Bigfoot miniature now available in metal. From Kaiju Kaos, we’re offering extraterrestrials in the form of our Xenogygers, Xenogyger spawn swarms and Xenogyger eggs. A new range, 54mm Vietnam, includes both American and Vietnamese characters in a variety of sculpts. Lastly, we’re offering a plethora of accessories to outfit and customize your existing dungeons, miniatures, and terrain. The Pewter Accessories include modern and sci-fi weapons, barrels and crates, Aztec shields, and much more.

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