Friday, June 3, 2016

Tabletop World: New Massive Town Walls Released - Must See

Tabletop World previewed these massive Town Walls to their ever expanding high-quality miniature terrain range. These walls have been designed to work with their recently released Town Gate.

Town Walls are a necessity for town to survive in medieval world of invasion and conquest. Wealthy towns are enclosed by protective walls and the only access to the town is regulated through Town Gate. As you can see in the pictures, these walls are simply huge and are designed to be modular, the next release will be corner towers to match the Town Gate and Town Walls. More details here

With this system you can make a long straight fortified wall. In the future we will add corner towers which will allow you to completely enclose the town with protective walls. In time we will develop different add-ons which you will be able to incorporate to your existing and growing fortification.

Element Games stocks the Tabletop World scenery range in the United Kingdom at a small discount and is offering free shipping when you spend enough (not difficult with all of these great buildings to choose from) If of interest take a look here to see available models

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