Friday, June 10, 2016

Pwork Wargames: MDF Scenery - Ruins Kits Released

Pwork Wargames: MDF Scenery - Ruins Kits are scenery terrain sets consisting in 2 or more assembling scenic elements made in MDF material, ideal for fantasy, historical or science-fiction settings; the kits include ruined buildings and remains of a collapsed wall. 

Each kit is composed by a different number of 3D scenic elements, from 2 to 8 terrain elements. Check them now, click here! With MDF Scenery - Ruins Kits you can make your battles more realistic and more engaging! You can set on your mat awesome fights among a city in ruins! Take a look to this new project made in collaboration with Officina06 on Pwork Website!

MDF Scenery - Ruins Kits offer the possibility to quickly and easily build some different scenic elements, compatible with all major wargames, boardgames a role-playing games that use 25mm or 28mm miniatures, ensuring greater realism and visual impact on your wargame mat. The scenic elements are made in a lightweight and durable material, the MDF.

The different parts of the 3D scenic elements are ready to assemble, which is recommended to make the use of PVA glue. Each part is pre-cut and put in the box singly without a sprue, so It doesn't need to be polished or cut again. The assembly instructions of each kit are downloadable from the webpage of the products; they are also sent in the kit package.

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