Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pendraken Miniatures: New 19th Century Marching Band and More Previewed

Pendraken Miniatures: Unfortunately we don't have any new releases to announce just yet, but there's a lot of new goodies on their way. The new Roman and Gallic ranges are almost done (and I know we've said this quite a lot, but we really mean it this time!) with only 1 production mould left to be done now. The Napoleonic Prussians have also been prepped and are now sitting happily in the production mould queue awaiting their turn.

Finally, that lovely 19th Century marching band we previewed last month is about ready as well, we just need to do a quick bit of conversion work on the line drummer to smarten him up ready for his new assignment.

As ever, more and more new sculpts are arriving at Pendraken HQ, and this month we've got a set of ECW civilians and engineers to start us off.  These will make great little diorama pieces and are joined by a replacement general for the old EC13 code.

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