Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Multiverse Gaming: Affordable Tombstone Wild West Scenery Range Preview

Multiverse Gaming: It seemed fitting to start the preview of the Tombstone range with the undertaker's - grave theme aside, this little kit gives you a good look on what we aim to achieve with this range. While there are several other Old West ranges out there, they're either some really simple and blocky designs intended to fill out the table quickly or models that are no less than little works of art - but coming with a hefty price tag.

For Tombstone we wanted to combine the best of both worlds: great aesthetics and playability (hidden joints, etched wood grain, tiny matte board detailing pieces, engraved signage, opening doors, removable roofs, engraved floor boards, lasercut shingles, corrugated metal sheets - and much more!) and a competitive price - the Main Street businesses like this one will come at a price range between 12 and 18 Euros.

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