Thursday, June 2, 2016

Manorhouse Workshop: World War Two Modular Ruined Abbey

Manorhouse Workshop: Hi everyone! We did in the past a lot of pictures of our 3D Bases with fantasy miniatures, but what about some other historical period, like World War II ?

A lot of you asked us about it, so, with the help of our dear friend Massimo Torriani – expert of WWII and gaming rules creation (“Operation World War Two” – “Operation Squad” and “Assault Platoon”) You can check his popular rules here We did just that, and prepared some pictures of our Abbey with some very peculiar war action.

n a remote region of Italy, a panzer grenadier group is on a mission to retrieve some hidden fuel in the underground of an ancient ruined and forgotten abbey. But the german operation didn’t go unnoticed to the american intelligence. The USA command thus sent a team of parachutists to stop the german’s mission dead in its tracks; preventing the fuel’s recovery would give severe fuel supply issues for the germans’ armored vehicles, which are tantamount to their advance to the north. Will the Americans succeed into stopping the German’s operation ? Or will be the German victorious in their plans ? The dices are about to roll … quite literally this time.

Vehicles: Warlord Games (Sdkfz251, Panzer Iv), Black Tree, Tamiya (kettenkrad, M8), De Agostini (Opel Blitz) Footsoldiers Miniatures: Warlord Games (american parachutists), Black Tree (german, american) Miniatures and veicles painted by Massimo Torriani

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