Monday, June 20, 2016

Manorhouse Workshop: 3D Modular Flexible Terrain Tiles Kickstarter Launched

Manorhouse Workshop launched their 3D Bases Modular Terrain Kickstarter to fund their affordable and durable terrain tiles for wargaming and roleplaying!

Innovation is the keyword of our new product, and covers both the design and the manufacturing process of the new 3D bases. They are manufactured using a new product from the polyurethane family. To be noted this is quite different from anything you may have seen before as it is used at an industrial level for heavy duty applications. 

We however understand first-hand the huge potentialities of such a material for making tri-dimensional terrain for wargaming. We have tested these bases thoroughly and they are nearly indestructible, very flexible and easy to modify with a pair of scissors or a craft knife, they are simply amazing. It is possible to paint the bases with acrylic colour paint and glue on the finishing touches(grass and vegetation) with a simple glue for wood(PVA) without any problems. 

Our new material, while being nothing similar to plastic or resin, it combines the greatest aspects of both materials: it has the same lightness as a normal plastic gaming tile of similar design and shape, and it has the same visual definition that the ones made of resin have. So you get the best of both worlds! The bases can be used with miniatures in the 25-35mm scale range. The dimensions of the bases are 30x30cm. (approx 12x12inches), with a thickness of about 2mm for the flat bases and the more detailed bases still have the same basic 2mm thickness, but can rise up to 70-80mm in height.

Besides the Special Abbey Pledge (which is tailored to backers who want just the Abbey), we have 3 very simple but complete pledges levels (Scout, Captain and General) to give all backers the most freedom into getting all the bases they want with their pledges. The money invested in the Scout, Captain, and General pledges can be used to purchase our add-ons from those available in the 3D Bases Kickstarter project. There is no limit to the money you can invest in a single pledge. 

See all pledges here with the lowest  Abbey pledge being only €88.00!

3D Bases - Modular Terrain: Quality, Modularity and Affordability for all your battlegrounds! By Manorhouse Workshop. Check the full Kickstarter page here

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