Saturday, June 25, 2016

Manorhouse Workshop: 3D Bases Modular Terrain Kickstarter - Facebook Stretch Goals Announced

Manorhouse Workshop: 3D Bases - Modular Terrain: Quality, Modularity and Affordability for all your battlegrounds! By Manorhouse Workshop. Full Kickstarter here

Today we are launching our beautiful and funny Facebook campaign “I love 3D Bases" If we reach 300 Likes on our 3D Bases Modular Terrain Facebook page this Stretch Goal will be unlocked. Those pieces are cast in resin (like all our Stretch Goals). They will be able to be collected and bought each at the following prices, Column, bottom 1 piece: 2,50€ - Column, top (composed from 2 piece): 4€ - Stairs, ruined 1 piece: 3,5€. Our SG package gives you a 20% discount on the whole. composed from 4 piece. Ended Kickstarter, the retail price of this add-on package will be: 11.50€.

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