Monday, June 27, 2016

Manorhouse Workshop: 3D Bases Modular Terrain Kickstarter - On Retail Prices and Savings

Manorhouse Workshop: 3D Bases - Modular Terrain: Quality, Modularity and Affordability for all your battlegrounds! By Manorhouse Workshop. A lot of you have been asking about retails prices of our 3D Bases. Here they are:

  • Price Range A (example: Cobblestone): 8,50 € instead of 7,00 € 
  • Price Range B (example: Urban road): 13,00 € instead of 11,00 € 
  • Price Range C (example: Straight River): 15,50 € instead of 13,00 € 
  • Price Range D (example: any Abbey tile): 21,50 € instead of 18,00 €

For a approximately overall discount of 20% for single 3D Bases! In our Kickstarter, we are offering you those bases at a big discount because the Kickstarter allows us to buy a big quantity of this material in one order to our supplier, and thus drop heavily the price (also, making the production run for days helps lowering the costs too). Also, buying our Add-on packs instead of single bases gets you another discount for production and S&H reasons. Once the Kickstarter is over, this won't be possible anymore.

About the freebies: If you want to buy more Wooden Bridges, or other freebies that will be unlocked, you can. We have a special Kickstarter price for those. Post-Kickstarter, they will rise too. Our Pledge Manager has all the data (for example, the Wooden Bridge has a special Kickstarter price of 3€), and we will update our Kickstarter page very soon with all the information too.

Ok, this is all well and good, but how much money I am actually saving ? The best is to talk with examples. Here they are:

Early Bird Captain Pledge with code 9-006 (Full Abbey, 2 Broken Columns, 1 Cobblestone): Retail price: 180,5 + 4 (Wooden Bridge Retail price) = 184,5 € Kickstarter price: 115 - 4 (Early Bird bonus) = 111€ You economize 73,5€ which is a 40% discount, which gets even higher with the other freebies you'll collect!

General Pledge with code 24-005 (Full Abbey, 16 Stone Slabs, 2 Broken Columns), code 9-008 and code 9-005 (a lot of Urban bases): Retail price: 172 + 136 + 234 + 8 (2 Wooden Bridges Retail price)= 550 € Kickstarter price: 212 + 78 + 78 = 368 € You economize 182€ which is a 33% discount, which gets even higher with the other freebies you'll collect!

Check the full Kickstarter here and join the 236 other backers who have already pledged for their shiny new Manorhouse Workshop terrain!

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