Sunday, June 19, 2016

Forge of Ice: Upcoming Fantasy Pulp Lion Women of Azor and Lion Companions

Forge of Ice has just previewed these marvellous Lion Women of Azor along with their fierce companions sculpted by Tre Manor of Red Box Games.

They're works-in-progress, they're not quite complete yet.  Also, there's a second spearwoman in the works, to match this first one.  I was too excited to keep them to myself anymore! The Lion Women of Azor have been training and raising lions since the city was founded a thousand years ago. After so much time selectively breeding the animals, they're not quite the same as lions from the outside world. They have a temperament more similar to dogs than to wild lions - Azorian Lions see humans as part of their pride, and respond well to verbal commands. 

As soon as they are weaned from their mothers, cubs are given to an adolescent girl to raise - usually a member of the nobility, but occasionally a wealthy merchant's daughter or even a favored servant. As the old saying goes, "No home is complete until you have a fountain in your courtyard and a lion for your daughter." A lion is greatly valued as a status symbol, pet, guard, and companion.

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