Thursday, May 26, 2016

Printable Scenery: Printable Scenery's Apocalypse Ruins Kickstarter

Printable Scenery: Printable Scenery are proud to present our bold new Kickstarter, the apocalypse ruins, bringing our expertise to all new theaters of war!

Going live on the 26th of May, the Kickstarter aims to bring devastation to your tabletop; from the far future to the recent past, and  Printable Scenery's signature Winterdale setting. We are also introducing a new standardized size template of 50mmx50mm and 100x100mm (2" and 4" respectively), so that everything you print will sit cleanly next to each other on any sized table or board. we have already recalibrated much of the existing Printable Scenery range to this format, and look to bring as much of the range as possible into this format in the coming months.

The STONE RUINS are an extension to our highly successful dungeons and cavern sets, boasting over 100 different ruined sections that can be assembled in a myriad of ways. We have also listened to the wishes of the Printable Scenery community, and are adding ruined sections of some of our original Winterdale buildings; allowing you to assemble building husks for your favorite ruined city.

World War II is a theatre we have really only breezed over in the past with the Printable Scenery Stalingrad ruins, but now we look to bring you a fully fledged French countryside with our WWII RUINS. Consisting of a farmhouse (with a ruined version, obviously), modular trench system and rescaled fences; and the possibility of more to come; it is everything you would need for your games in Normandy and beyond. We are also adding in a rescaled version of the classic Printable Scenery Stalingrad kit, with more ruin options to make your doomed cities that little bit more diverse.

Speaking of doomed cities, our SCI-FI GOTHIC RUINS set is designed for all your high gothic futures, comprising of a 14 piece kit allowing you to build in any configuration you need. it even supports a futuristic trench system for the edges of your settlements (or winding between buildings for close urban combat). Again, Printable Scenery's existing future line (the Imperial Armory) has been updated to standardize it to the new format, allowing you to mix and match it with our new kit to further increase customization.

Our stretch goals build on the already solid foundations, adding in even more options for customizing all three theaters. We are particularly excited over the Abbey, as it will be able to slip happily into all three systems; and the ruined keep, an expansion of our classic Winterdale castle. We will be constantly adding cool bonus items as well for those who choose a combo pledge. I don't want to give too much away; but look to the harbor, for something is approaching...

We here at Printable Scenery welcome you to share our passion for making the best 3D printed Terrain on the market. We test and double check all of our sculpts to make sure they meet our rigorous standards, in order to deliver great looking sculpts that are cost effective and require little to no tidying.

I can also mention that there are 100 discounted "everything' for those who are quickest. Once they are gone, they are gone so get in fast. Check the Kickstarter here

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