Thursday, May 26, 2016

Manorhouse Workshop: Modular Ruined Abbey Tiles - Grass and Foliage Possibilities

Manorhouse Workshop: A little sneak peek at the abbey in ruins refinished with grass and bushes. - A lot of persons asked us if it were possible to see pictures of multiple 3d Bases “Broken Column” together, to see the ring-shape that could be created with them. More here

In the first 2 pictures you can see how our base can be added to the Abbey to make a beautiful 3×3 gaming terrain. The last 2 pictures show you how 2 Broken Column bases look together. The result is a half-circle fortification which can be added to a plethora of other gaming terrain 3D Bases compositions. Of course, like all our bases, how to used the 3D Bases is limited only by your imagination, so let your mind wander about all the combinations to achieve your desired result!

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