Friday, May 27, 2016

Games Workshop: Out of Production The Lord of The Rings Characters Re-Released

Games Workshop announced that they will be re-releasing some out of production The Lord of the Rings models in metal and resin. Some are already available!

The new Middle-earth™ team at Games Workshop is proud to announce that the first out-of-production miniatures from The Lord of the Rings™ range to return will be available for First Access at Warhammer Fest, in the form of four iconic sets of Citadel miniatures.

Come to the Sales stands on the day where you’ll find Boromir of the White Tower, Gothmog the Lieutenant of Morgul, Saruman and Grima and the classic Scouring of the Shire boxed set. All four of these kits will eventually find their way back onto the Citadel website… 

As this news was announced in the build-up to Warhammer Fest, some miniatures have already been re-released in the Games Workshop webstore.

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