Friday, May 27, 2016 Fantasy Anti-Paladins Released! A new pack released today into the HOT 15mm Fantasy range!  Anti-Paladins.  Superb new miniatures suitable for any fantasy system such as HOTT, AoMaS, Song of Blades and Heroes or even Frostgrave if you play it in this scale.  Lots of pictures of these great figures to see.  Click through here.  Thanks.  GBS

"We rode north as one. A thousand Men sworn by the mother church to defend the lands against the darkness and perversion that threatened us. Little did we know that the darkness lingers not deep from the surface in some Men. As we rode the voices whispers and shadows lucked in the forests and soon one then another and another fell away until when we came to the snow line there were but four hundred left and we had seen no foe. It was then our faith was splintered as ahead we saw our brother knights but they were not as they had been. Twisted and filled with the bane of life they were now of the darkness. Evil is all the more when once it was good."

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