Sunday, May 29, 2016

Black Scorpion: New Gunslingers, Pirates and Dark Elf Football Team

Black Scorpion released these new resin gunslingers, pirates and dark elf football team along with a deal on their popular 32mm flat round bases.

Black Scorpion has recently released these new cowboys and pirates expanding their current historical inspired ranges with even more great sculpts. Both packs contain four resin miniatures and are currently retailing for £8.00. Lovely additions for your miniature collections!

The new fantasy dark elf football releases contain the full team along with some extra linemen and blitzers to add some more punch. The full dark elf team retails for £22.00, the linemen for £8.00 and the blitzers for £5.00. Interesting seeing more miniatures, check out Black Scorpion here

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