Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Acolyte Miniatures: The Defeated - 72mm Miniature Vignette

Acolyte Miniatures: The debut miniature from the all new Acolyte Prestige range, The Defeated is a 72mm high quality unpainted resin diorama, produced by Acolyte Miniatures, based on a stunning piece of original art work. It is a piece of art that really does create a lot of emotion. Who is this girl? What is happening to her? There are so many ways to interpret her story. However you see it one thing is for sure-you won’t forget it.

The Defeated is perfect for those who love painting miniature figures. This unique, high quality sculpt of both the figure and base is available now for pre-order from Acolyte Miniatures and will be presented in luxury packaging.

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