Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vepa Miniatures: stunning 20mm modern miniatures

Just found this new gem of a company: Vepa Miniatures is a new company of 1/72 lead figures created by Jordi Velilla and Ivan Velilla to give modellers and wargamers the chance of having good detail and quality miniatures. We do this as a hobby as miniature collector and wargame player (respectively!)

We have chosen lead because we actually can give the same level of detail as resin and figures are not so critically weak as resin ones, especially with weapons. So they can be used for playing or for putting them in your dioramas and taking them to every show without being broken on the travel.Actually we have only 2 ranges:

-Lebanon 1982 (includes IDF minis and syrians)
-Irak 2012 (Americans and Iraqis) 

Some new ones include the soon available russians in chechnya 1996, more modern americans and iraquis, yugoslavian civil war, spanish civil war, modern IDF & hizbullah... and others. 

As you can see stay tuned for more 20mm miniatures from this new company.

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