Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tobsen Miniatures: More good looking contraptions!

Hi, more news from the homebased company Tobsen77 Miniatures of which I have done a short introduction quite a while ago and of which you can find the post here as well as his website. I'm really amazed by the output and the creativity of this great company! Every Victorian Science Fiction Fan just needs to have some of these great contraptions in his armies fighting of Martians, prussians or other dangerous villains! First of all we have the strange contraption "the steam pod" a weird flying contraption driven by the power of steam and equiped with a deadly array of machineguns! Ideal for countering pterodactyls or Martian flyers! This particular model is not yet available in the webstore of Tobsen77's site but will surely appear in the near future so keep your eyes open.

The second contraption is the "Lunex CV" or Lunar Exploration Command Vehicle! That's an appropriate name for such a strange but good looking vehicle. The design of this vehicle reminds me of one of his earlier models called the "Monowheel". This particular model is already available for the price of €24.

Here's another vehicle in the design phase, this one is a belt drive bike which actually really existed as a prototype back in the interbellum!

Last but not least we have the "Kröte" a fast and dangerous vehicle equiped with an array of Maxim machineguns! This particular model is available and costs €13! A good price for a quality model and the amount of resin you receive!

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