Saturday, October 24, 2020

Micro Art Studio: Prepainted District 5 Scenery is Here!

Micro Art Studio: Redesigned (yet fully compatible with the non-prepainted scenery of the D5 previous line), printed in high-quality textures the prepainted District 5 series is a new wave of good old designs, but provided in full color (red or blue)! Quick'n'easy to assemble, modular, stackable, with customizable ads and fences!

The new line consists of: Apartament 1 – the classic one, be it 3 storey tower or three bungalows! Apartament L – for the overhangs and bunkering those Link Teams in the Deployment Zone! Guardhouse – the great filler, fits every other building perfectly, a natural sniper nest or just a hideout for your Lieutenant. Or even "Why not both?" since Circular Blast Template doesn't reach from one corner to the other!

But there's more! Check the new colourful District 5 Shops and a range of scatter terrain such as Subway Entrances, Food Booths, Newsstands and Containers. And these also all come prepainted! The buildings are fully compatible with each other, allowing them to be combined to create different configurations, varying height, amount of cover and density of the table. The versatility of the design and the possibility of having buildings of different colors results in an eye-catching gaming table!

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