Sunday, October 18, 2020

40Emperor: Realistic 3D-printable Alternative Guardswomen for SciFi Wargames Kickstarter!

40Emperor: We are tired of seeing F-Cupped, Wasp-Waisted, Waifu, Hyper-Sexualized, Pageant-Faced, rediculous Bikini-Babe Warriors. That's Why! We want to create a strong female faction that looks like it's able to actually kick ass in all-out war! 

We want our daughters to grow up in a world where people have the option to field fierce female warriors that do not look like they are on their way to a bikini contest! There are already enough hyper-sexualized weeb-ass waifu minis out there. We longed for a more realistic take on female combatants, so we set out to create a range of 34mm Heroic scaled minis ourselves. The Aesthetic of the Azadi Death Front is freely based on a multitude of modern-day Peshmerga forces.  The Peshmerga are a middle-eastern faction that is renowned for having several ferocious female regiments.  Explore the full Kickstarter now here

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