Friday, September 18, 2020

Skull & Crown: Killer Rabbits 2: Who letteth the hounds out Kickstarter

Skull & Crown: Killer Rabbits 2: More medieval manuscript art made into miniatures from Skull & Crown. When we launched the first Killer Rabbits Kickstarter, our goal was to introduce those magical medieval marginalia in miniature form - so we could all depict their mischievous adventures on the tabletop - and you backers responded overwhelmingly to that idea. Try as we might, we could not detail the “whole story” captured in the cool designs those fantastic (and probably tipsy) monks left for us. But we can continue the saga! Check the full Kickstarter now here

Going on the feedback from the first Killer Rabbits, we had a lot of requests for not only more rabbit poses but also other animals, in particular - hounds. Paging through manuscripts, the perfect story telling piece struck me - that age old epic of hounds vs. rabbits. And that's not all... To me, part of the allure in these fantastical drawings is the “stage set”-like backdrops: pavilions, trebuchets, castle keeps, cathedrals, and landscapes to shape the stories. Taking it up another notch, I fired up the pencil and sketchbook, then included my laser-inator, and Voila! We now are introducing those magical elements as well with Killer Rabbits 2.

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