Saturday, September 14, 2019

Wargame Model Mods: Dynamic Wargame Buildings Kickstarter - Massive Mining Outpost and Tectonic Wave Generator

Wargame Model Mods is currently funding the production of some great-looking and innovative battery powered moving wargame scenery on Kickstarter. Improve your tabletop gameplay experience and the awesomeness of your science fiction wargame tabletop battlefield with this impressive Mining Outpost! 

The mining outpost is a rework of the old promethium rig featuring a brand new platform lay out and adding motorized parts that this Kickstarter is all about. It is a large platform that stands on four tall legs and is a great centre piece. Each leg has two walkways with ladder access, the bottom walkways are also connected with a bridge.  The top platform has two rooms with internal access via removable rooves. Two lifts that allow access from the floor.Each lift supports a platform, one a landing pad and the other, a cargo area with crane. The centre has a large building with the mining tower in the centre, this houses the top part of the rotating drill, the underneath of the platform has the drill head which also rotates. The kits has lots of little details such as transport carts, railing etc.

New stretch goal building - Tectonic wave generator.

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