Wednesday, July 10, 2019

1985 Games: Introducing Dungeon Craft – the Perfect Addition to your D&D Game

1985 Games: Hello, We are a group of nerds who love to play Dungeons & Dragons. Over the past year, we have created a new book that has really improved the quality of our games. Now available on Kickstarter, Dungeon Craft has over 1,000 world building pieces for any tabletop role-playing game. We hope that our book will help you easily build engaging worlds at your table while giving you more time to play. Check the full Kickstarter here

Our goal is to create engaging encounters while eliminating the time it takes to draw on a map. Dungeon Craft increases the time you get to roll dice and role-play. All of the pieces are reversible, for example on one side you have the roof of a tavern and on the other is the interior of the tavern allowing for a multidimensional world. The book has everything you need to build a city, wilderness, and dungeon encounters. Please come on over to our Kickstarter and check out what we have going on! Thanks! Josh Thorne *The map below is an early test mock-up. The final will match perfectly.*

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