Sunday, June 16, 2019

Voxel House: Brand New Landships Reaper Model Released

Voxel House: With the increasing appearance of the Tripeds in Artrusia, the races of our world began to become more and more preoccupied with the incursions of these beings. Various battles will cost many lives and cause enormous material damages. The Human Empire was one of the most impaired, with the disappearance of thousands of people, until the destruction of villages and combat forces. A human engineer named Dumont Mcgrage, he studied the various Tripeds captured, as well as dealing with reports of combat from human troops. One of the biggest threats was the so-called “Repulsor Field,” an impenetrable barrier against any known weapon.

However, Dumont noticed that with every impact the field suffered, it was weaker until it completely disappeared. He decided to create a weapon capable of generating a rain of the small impacts on the repulsor field until it goes. From there was born the Buster, a cannon that is capable of firing a salvo of small explosions and a powerful shot. This weapon was created but needed a unit the height of the Tripeds, that’s when the Reaper came up. It is a colossal steam mech, well armored, able to melee with a Triped and end it with a massive war hammer, known as “Tolerance.” Humans now have a gun up against the Tripeds and their threat. 3d print miniature for Landships game! Only US$ 1.99 Grab it here

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