Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Khurasan Miniatures: New SciFi Hauk - Raptorial Bird Aliens

Khurasan Miniatures: One of my favorite starship lines as a teenager had the humans and four alien races, and one of the alien races were Avian.  That range didn't release infantry figurines (they did ships and tanks) and so as a salute to that I released a few codes for an Avian race called the Hauk, who are derived from raptorial birds.

The sets proved surprisingly popular despite the small number of codes, so I decided to expand the infantry with higher level support and similar -- a Weapons and Command set -- which is available now.  The set includes a casualty ("right in the wing!"), an officer and senior NCO, a marksHauk, and two weapons platform teams, which come with enough tubes to make a battery of two plasma cannons, or RAM mortars, or one of each.  I suppose you can swap them out if you magnetise the parts. They were supposed to have a light battle mech as well, but unfortunately after being paid for two years ago, the caster still has not delivered it.

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