Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Diehard Miniatures: Successful Law and Disorder! Kickstarter

Diehard Miniatures:  For those that have been able to follow the project through its final hours we have all seen some cool stretch goals unlocked! Thank you one and all for helping back this project, I now have the fun of figuring out what to sculpt first :)

 Ok so whats next? KS will release the funds in two weeks time. I can then push ahead with all the new sculpts you've so kindly unlocked. We should have the Pledge Manager up and running by December. Those who have backed us before will be used to the manager, its a pretty simple list. Order books will be open till January 31st, so anyone wanting to add to their pledge do not worry, you will have 2 and a half months to pick and choose. I'll make sure all sculpts are complete before closing the Pledge Manager this is so you'll know exactly what you're getting and perhaps i'll be able to tempt you with some more ;) 

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