Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Diehard Miniatures: Law and Disorder! Kickstarter - Final Hours and New Miniatures Unlocked!

Diehard Miniatures: We are just entering our final 2 hours and the Mix Species Zombies have been released as promised! They are now available in the Add On section.  Next up are two very special stretch goals, the Chaos Reivers! Our first to be hit are the Sci-Fi guys and will be up shortly ;) The Fantasy versions will follow on at the next goal. I'm hoping these get released as I really want to sculpt them!! Make an old sculptors Christmas, lets hit those goals!!

We are now into Diehards final 6 hours and I have some juicey (or putrid) new sculpts! Our next goal are the Fantasy Mix Species Zombies which i've been working on over the last few days to get ready before the campaign ends. They all turned out rather nice but I think my favourite has to be the dwarf :)  As they are sculpted I promise this goal will be unlocked by the end of the day, be it through the goal target being reach or not.  I'd like to thank all backers for helping further the Diehards range of figures and making it possible for me to continue enjoying sculpting so many fun figures!  Ok we have 6 hours to go, lets see how many stretch goals we can bash through!! :)

It's 12.40am here and as we are so close to the next stretch goal I thought it best I unlock it now before I crawl to bed :) The Warbot variants are now available to buy in the Add On section! The two smaller bots are priced at £6 and have separate heads and arms, the larger chap is £12 and also has a separate head (currently the larger has the wrong price in the Add On section, i'll sort this all out in the morning). As with the first set you'll be able to buy them as a group at the discounted price of £22. If you wish to mix and match from the first set and these guys thats fine just let me know when you are filling out your surveys.

 Luckily I work late so i'm pleased to unlock the latest stretch goal, the Anti Heroes are now available to buy in the Add On section. Well done guys!! Warbot variants are up next!! :)

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