Friday, August 10, 2018

ModBlokz: ModBlokz - Sci Fi Magnetic Modular Scenery Terrain System Kickstarter

ModBlokz: We are coming up to our final week and we really need your help to turn our first campaign into a successful one! ModBlokz is a completely modular, magnetic, stackable scenery system, which we think has the potential to change the way you think about, and use, tabletop terrain... Check the full Kickstarter here

Obsessively Engineered - We have spent a huge amount of time on our designs, focusing on every factor imaginable, from the smallest aesthetic details to the perfect magnets and manufacturing processes, to ensure our pieces are of the highest quality possible, whilst also being straightforward to use, versatile, and easy to manage and store.

Easy To Use - Our pieces are lightweight and sturdy. As the core of our system is magnets that attach the core ModBlokz to each other, and pegs and holes to stack them vertically, assembling and disassembling buildings is simpler and faster than ever before. This leaves you much more time for actual gameplay. Magnets are also used in our wall and feature plates, which simply attach to the magnets of the core ModBlokz to give buildings interesting, unique looks in mere seconds.

Versatile - The universal solution that we have designed allows core ModBlokz and accessory pieces to be kept and used with future editions of our scenery. So, for instance, if you needed a steampunk world for your game, you would only need to switch out the wall, floor, and/or other accessory parts, not the ModBlokz themselves. These “skin” sets mean that the storage space needed to have multiple themes is minimized, and also an initial investment can be easily expanded on for a significantly lower price than with other scenery options

We have both been avid gamers, tabletop and otherwise, for years, and we find the departure from day-to-day life into the universes of commanding armies or playing extraordinary characters in fantasy worlds relaxing and a welcome break from the daily grind, but there has always been an issue that can break the immersion.

Frankly, that issue is scenery. There are some great scenery products out there, but they all have their issues: some are large, expensive, cumbersome, plastic models which can be a pain to assemble and store; others are card or MDF based products that lack three-dimensional details, and are fiddly to put together as they tend to be clip-based - also, these clips quite often get lost or broken, leaving you with unusable scenery parts. Consequently, we have spent the last two years designing, developing and refining the solution to this issue - Modblokz - 28mm to 32mm scale customizable sci-fi buildings for tabletop miniature wargaming. Infinity, Warhammer 40k, Star Wars Legion.

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