Monday, August 6, 2018

Deraj Studios: Fantastical Sub-Saharan Miniatures Kickstarter

Deraj Studios: My miniatures company, Deraj Studios, is creating a new line of true-scale 32mm scale figures inspired from a fantastical version of the Sub-Sahara, from the world that our in-development skirmish game Portals: Worlds Collide is set in - Spiaca. The eventual purpose of the miniatures is for use in Portals: Worlds Collide - but in the meant time, these miniatures are great for use in games of Frost Grave, Ghost Archipelago, Kings of War, Open Combat, and pen & paper rpgs. The eventual purpose of them is for use in my in-development strategy skirmish game, Portals: Worlds Collide.

There are three main creatures/civilizations being presented in the campaign - The Tryl, The Dameeri, and The Grum. These three civilizations once vied for control over Spiaca - but with a new threat (amongst whom is Baba Yaga) suddenly entering into their world through portals, they have been forced to put aside their ancient conflicts in order to form an alliance against the new invaders.

The Tryl

A civilization facing absolution, the Tryl are a proud race who struggle to uphold the traditions of their ancestors while surviving the threats presented to them from both a crumbling society and unknown invaders who have begun an unyielding hunt for the magical Skavda, committing mass genocide on their less defended territories in the process. 

The Dameeri

Fast-rising amidst the chaos of invasion, the Dameeri seek to change their placement in the power structure against the technologically superior Tryl.

The Grum

Feared and hated by the Tryl as much as they are worshipped by the Dameeri who serve and offer tribute to them. The Grum stand as gods amongst the other races, though the loss of one is as tragic for them as a hundred foe would be to their enemies. 

Wandering Creatures

A few of the many who traverse the lands of Spiaca untied to any grand alliance or faction other than their own interests and instincts.

In addition to my own sculpting to create these miniatures, I'm lucky enough to work amongst a fantastic group of artists such as Kamil 'Smok' Milianuk (sculptor), Kamil Jadczak (concept illustrator), Zorro (Máté Lavotha, sculptor) and Mary Profitt (miniatures painter) - all important members of the Deraj Studios crew whose works are shown here and on the Kickstarter campaign. 

If you'd like to help this line of miniatures become a reality, please check out the campaign and if you want to pick any of the miniatures from it, back us! We'd love to reach funding and be able to create these high-quality resin miniatures for you all. Check the Kickstarter here

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