Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dice Mechanic Games: Bring The Noise With Killer New Autokill Upgrades

Dice Mechanic Games: Firstly we present the Performance Bundle, featuring gas (and flesh!) guzzling, nitrous breathing monsters, delivering terrifying torque to your super charged war machines. Construct unique engine setups with our selection of engine blocks, intake filters, exhausts, pipes and scoops. Every killer crew needs killer tunes, whether you want to liquify intestines with blistering electronic DredTek, or shatter ear drums with pounding war drums and doom-laden guitar shreds, the AutoKill Stereo Doof Bundle will get the war party started!

We've also upgraded the Mega Bundle to include the two new bundles above. It now comes in at 173 unique components, ranging from a cattle skull to a mini nuke, a tool box to a harpoon gun, spiked rollers to DJ decks, the wide variety of components enables you to add a huge amount of narrative and character to your builds. Check all new releases here

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