Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wayland Games: New Age of Simar Idoneth Deepkin Monstrous Sea Cavalry Discounted Pre-Order Launch

Wayland Games launched the discounted pre-order for the new Games Workshop Idoneth Deepkin bringing some truly Monstrous Sea Cavalry to the Age of Sigmar battlefield!

The Akhelian Guard are the primary calvary of the Akhelian armies. The riders are elite warriors with centuries of experience on the battlefield and their biovoltaic mounts are just as deadly with razor-sharp teeth. Fast moving and highly mobile, these deadly serpents can be redeployed at a moments notice responding to the tide of battle. During games of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar the Akhelian Guard can be used as either Morsarr Guard, which are effective line-breakers, or as the defensive Ishlaen Guard. When an Akhelian King is added to your roster both Morsarr and Ishlaen Guard can be taken as Battleline Units.

The Akhelian Allopex is a ferocious flying Battle shark, with a mounted ranged weapon crewed by two Idoneth Deepkin. Brutally effective and devastating in a Phalanx, the Akhelian Allopex is capable of softening foes from range before closing in for the kill with a savage deluge of attacks. A Beautifully designed miniature, the Akhelian Allopex comes with two head options for the shark, two ranged weapon options, and a variety of weapons for the riders. This is the perfect addition to any Idoneth Deepkin force!

Grab your own new Idoneth Deepkin Cavalry here at Wayland Games and ensure you receive them as soon as possible while also saving 20% on the Games Workshop recommended retail price!

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