Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Ion Age: Marcher Barons, Nobles and Diodine Sparrow 15mm Packs Released

The Ion Age: All of the April 2018 releases from The Ion Age are here! Three new packs of 15mm Marcher Barons, Nobles and Personalties to lead your Prydian Army or League or Baronial or mercenary forces in play. 

Nine different very detailed white metal miniatures by Sam Croes which are bigger and meaner than the typical knight. Aren’t they just bleeding awesome! Click through for more information and images as well as a look at what is coming up for free during the month. Lastly 'March to War' is still on until 16th April meaning free shipping (15GBP spent worldwide) and three free miniatures in every order too. Thank you for supporting my little Ion Age. GBS

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