Tuesday, April 17, 2018

ResInAere: Gravetides - An Undead Fleet For Naval Fantasy Wargaming Kickstarter

ResInAere: We've finally had the time to work on the two flying monsters with appreciable results, and both the Revenant and the DracoMort are gradually getting their final form.

Looking at the evolution on the sculpting this models and the progress of the campaign, we’ve also decided to unlock the two flying monsters add-ons, first as an acknowledgment to our backers, and because we’re far from reaching our optimistic unlock goals. We’re confident to have them ready to be shipped with the rest of the fleet in the timeframe set for the project. Feel free to add them to your pledges! Again, the campaign is his very last days and very very near to its final goal, help us making it! Check the Kickstarter here

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